Testing Friday Dec 9th

Main session 10:30 AM
A. Power Snatch – build to a 1RM
PR Power Sn is 190lb, PR Sq Sn is 185lb. Was lazy and power snatched from the beginning, should have sq snatched to practice landing and pulling under the bar. No speed, back was tight, shoulders cranky…WHAA!!

B. Incline Bench Press – build to a 1RM
No Bench, hit a reverse bn at 225×1
I have not benched in years and years…

C. Front Squat – build to a 1RM
305×1 (depth?) PR was 300

Wake-up sweat 4:30 AM
Air dyne 20 sec sprint at 80%, 40sec spin x 5
5 rounds of 12-15 reverse hyper, 8 strict rope pullups

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