Monday Dec 12th

4:30 AM active recovery
:20 sprint on airdyne at 85%, spin :40 x 5 rounds (I felt awake and recovered!)
5 rounds of 12 GHD, 12 OH walking lunge (75lbs) Easy, Fun work…

8:30 AM 20 minutes of mobility (working to move better!)

10:30 AM Training

Build to a 1RM Power Clean: 245lb
Felt solid, thought I might have a 260 in me but missed the landing on 250 twice so called it a day. My Gym PR is 245lb, hit a 255lb at Big Dawg Bash

Build to a 1RM weighted chinup (add bdwt to score):
113 Strict plus 174lb bdwt = 287
138 Kipping plus 174lb bdwt = 312
Weighted chinups are definitely in my wheelhouse!

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