December 16th, 2011

0430 wake-up training
Airdyne :15 at 100%, :45 off x 10

0840 Mobility work x 20minutes

10:30 AM Main training

3 Sets for total time/set
10 Power Snatch at 115#
15 Burpees
350m Row
rest 3min
2:16, 2:32, 2:42
I hit this with Murphy who is a beast on snatches and the erg. He pushed me on those and knew I had to crush burpees.
I felt great going in.
First interval was smooth but “Karen Quads” kicked in after the row.
I could feel every fiber in my quads and felt like I could give Tom Platz a run for his money in a pose down.
3rd interval: burpee got sloppy and row was UGLY, last few meters i tried to pull mostly with my torso cause legs were shot.
Gave all I had.

11:30 Post WOD work
4 sets
15 unbroken T2B, rest :30
20 OH plate lunge, rest :30

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