Saturday December 17th, 2011

WOD 1: Build to a heavy single in the clean grip deadlift.
410 with a hook grip

I had another attempt in me but was happy with 410.
Reason 1: it was first thing in the morning upon waking up. When I hit around 42yrs old I realized I could no longer wake-up and hit max effort lifts, it simply takes me too long to warm-up, so didn’t want to push to 430-435.
Reason 2: I knew I had a 60 min max meter effort on the erg to do and athletes would be walking in the door in 60 minutes for our first class of the day.

WOD 2: 60 minutes max meters row.
I’m not much of a rower and had no idea what to do with 60 minutes on it.
I tried a slower stroke rate of 22/min but it got boring so moved to 25-26.
The worst part? I wrote down my results somewhere and have yet to find them!!!
I’m pretty positive I averaged 2:09.7 per 500m, that calculates to 13,878m at a bdwt of 170lbnot too impressive. I’d give myself a C for effort.
I kept form and never gave up. I pushed through the discomfort in my hips, back and arms.
However in the end I wasn’t winded simply stiff and tired.
I thought a good goal would be to hold at 2:00/500m that faded quickly and it became apparent that under 2:10/500m was the inspiration to keep moving.
5 hours later and I’m pretty tired and achy.

10:00 WOD 3: Competition Club
I had to skip this today, back and hips were way too fatigued and mental state was not ready to push again.
Bummer cause it was a great WOD and the energy was AMAZING!!
Smart move on my part though to pass.
5 Muscle-up
5 Clean and jerk 145/95
50 DU
4 Muscle-up
4 Clean and jerk 165/105
40 DU
3 Muscle-up
3 Clean and jerk 185/115
30 DU
2 Muscle-up
2 Clean and jerk 205/125
20 DU
1 Muscle-up
1 Clean and jerk 225/135
10 DU

The CFOT competitors Killed this WOD, very proud of them.

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