Monday December 19th, 2011

Tempo intervals/active recovery work x 22 minutes
Air Dyne, reverse hyper, strict pullups

20 minutes of mobility
Worked on opening the hips for the 1 mile run and stretching the heel cords.

1 Mile Loop in 6:28 A 4 second PR!!
Psyched about this!! Mainly because I’m not in top running shape and still recovering from a nasty cold/cough/congestion. Have only been running once a week for the last 3 weeks. Big difference today was that I really WANTED IT!! I came out way too fast on purpose, my goal was to crush the first 1000m and hang on for dear life…Mission accomplished. My last 3-400m was pretty slow, there was no sprint to the finish. Legs were as CRUSHED as my lungs.

POST WOD: Did some random movements and mobility for 20 minutes to loosen up.

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