December 14, 2011

4:30 AM
A bit tired. Hit 3 rounds of 20 ghd situp, 20 reverse hyper.

8:30 AM 20 Minutes of mobility

10:30 Main Training
1. 225×1,1,1 Split Jerk. PR is 260? Wanted to work some skill under a heavy load.

2. “Karen” 150 Wallball for time.
Weak sauce.
Never went deep into the pain cave or even close to beast mode.
PR is 7:24

Tuesday December 13th

Wake-up work at 4:30 AM:
10 rounds of :20 sprint on airdyne at 90%, :40 at 30%

8:30 AM
20 minutes of mobility

Main WOD at 10:30 AM:
5 sets @ max effort:
AMRAP Muscle Ups
Run 400 m
Rest walk 3 min b/t sets (record reps and exact times for 400’s)

Our 400m is actually around 515 meters


I felt everything I had eaten in the past 24 hours rumbling in my gut after round one.
Repeats are tough.
I’m about 5lbs heavy compare to Regionals, muscle-ups are usually easier.
Actual rest between rounds was more like 3:30

Monday Dec 12th

4:30 AM active recovery
:20 sprint on airdyne at 85%, spin :40 x 5 rounds (I felt awake and recovered!)
5 rounds of 12 GHD, 12 OH walking lunge (75lbs) Easy, Fun work…

8:30 AM 20 minutes of mobility (working to move better!)

10:30 AM Training

Build to a 1RM Power Clean: 245lb
Felt solid, thought I might have a 260 in me but missed the landing on 250 twice so called it a day. My Gym PR is 245lb, hit a 255lb at Big Dawg Bash

Build to a 1RM weighted chinup (add bdwt to score):
113 Strict plus 174lb bdwt = 287
138 Kipping plus 174lb bdwt = 312
Weighted chinups are definitely in my wheelhouse!

Saturday December 10th

0708 AM training

10 rounds for time:
500 m row
15 burpees

Time: 32:40
Weak Sauce, not happy about my effort. Hitting WODs solo are tough, especially ones like this, could definitely push harder.
Hit all 15 burpees in 10th round and was more mentally tired than physically exhausted. I should be able to hit this sub 30:00.
I started to feel “heated” on round 4 and let up, never hammered through to beast mode.

10:00 AM Competition club
Find a 1RM Power Snatch (in KILOGRAMS)
Find a Max reps chest to bar chin ups 1 attempt
Score is kilogram total + Reps
(max time limit to get 2 scores = 25 min)
81.8 Kilo SN plus 35 ctb = 116.81
I felt good about the SN since I hit a sloppy 175 the day before. 35 c-t-b was OK, started losing grip around 23-25 so hung on for another 12.

WOD#2 3min running clock 350m row max reps double under (track 350m time but score total DU)
161 Double under (hit 115 in a row) My row sucks, made up for it with DU

WOD#3 3min running clock 350m row max reps burpees (track 350m time but score total Burpee)
38 Burpee (rested once and cost me 40+)

Score #4 Rank row time
1:11.1 plus 11:11.9 = 2:23
Top time was 100.3 plus 59.8!!

Testing Friday Dec 9th

Main session 10:30 AM
A. Power Snatch – build to a 1RM
PR Power Sn is 190lb, PR Sq Sn is 185lb. Was lazy and power snatched from the beginning, should have sq snatched to practice landing and pulling under the bar. No speed, back was tight, shoulders cranky…WHAA!!

B. Incline Bench Press – build to a 1RM
No Bench, hit a reverse bn at 225×1
I have not benched in years and years…

C. Front Squat – build to a 1RM
305×1 (depth?) PR was 300

Wake-up sweat 4:30 AM
Air dyne 20 sec sprint at 80%, 40sec spin x 5
5 rounds of 12-15 reverse hyper, 8 strict rope pullups