January 7th, 2012


A. Push Press – 3 x 3 @ 80% effort; rest 2 min
165, 175, 185
Felt explosive, could have done 5+ reps at 185

B. Hang Power Clean – 5 TnG reps on the minute tough for 6 min
A great test for the Hammie!!
Pushed hard but not to failure

C. 1 ring HSPU every 20 sec for 5 min
First Time EVER doing these!!
Finished with some sets of 3 reps

D. 100 knees to elbows for time

Competition Club:
Hit “Amanda” 9,7,5 Muscle-ups and squat snatch at 135#
Partitioned this at 90% effort, wanted to do work but not kill myself
PR at 5:35
3,2,2,2 sq sn
4.3 mu
3,2,2 sq sn
3,2 mu
5 TnG sq sn

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