January 24, 2012, rowing

Somedays ya simply gotta do stuff ya hate…ROWING!!!!

1k row 3:37.5, 1:48.7 pace
rest 15m
1k row 3:34.4, 1:47.2 pace

Goal was 97%, I guessed my 1k row was a 1:45 pace, so shot for under 1:50 pace.
Came out harder and finished harder on the second row thus the faster time.
I think I was more like 95%, wasn’t crushed after, could have done another at the same pace…so maybe I was more like 93%.

I’m excited about tomorrow as I’m work some squat clean thrusters.
Thrusters are uncomfortable for me but have been working my mobility so am excited to see how they feel.

I should have watched this before the row, would have gotten me past 97%!!!

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