Jan 25, 2012; speed sn, then some sq cl thrusters

A bit tired today, gotta get to bed earlier!
Mondays work was tough plus haven’t done much leg work because of hammie….yesterdays row wasn’t brutal but it put the final damage on some sore legs. Did a lot of active mobility today.
Haven’t hopped on the scale in forever, was surprised to see I’m 175#, heaviest in 7 years. Purposely have been eating more to recover, feel strong, a bit slow on bdwt movements. Will start to trim down.

0430: usual movements

0830; mobility

1030 main training

A. Speed work
3 Hang Squat Snatch every 60sec x 10 sets
stayed light (115#), moved FAST!!

B. 5 sets, increase weight each set
5 squat clean thrusters
10 burpees
25 double unders

Used 135, 145, 155, 165, 175

Thrusters felt good. Could have attempted some TnG with lighter weight but was in no hurry today, first time pulling from the floor instead of hang in a while.

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