Tuesday January 31, 2012; Liftin’ light, breathing hard

5 sets, 2 min rest between
15 T2B, 20 sec Airdyne, 10 CB parry Left, 10 CB parry Right

30 Minutes of Mobility

Liftin’ light, breathing hard training

A. 3 rds for time @ 95%:
10 hang squat clean – 115#
10 KBS – 1.5 pd
10 burpees
Was uncomfortable and breathing hard but definitely not 100%.
Did not feel super fast today but was happy with effort.

REST 20 Minutes

B. 3 rds for time @ 95%:
15 wall balls
20 CTB chin ups
25 double unders
Made a mistake and did not warmup pullups cause grip was a bit tired from previous WOD. I thought my kip should have been more explosive and would have been with aggressive warmup. Came out too hard on pullups and ran out of Strength on last round. Happy I tried to go for it though.

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