Wed Feb 1, 2012: Power Cleans, ring HSPU practice

A. power clean – take up to a tough single:

I should have warmed up with squat cleans and moved to power cleans.
I always jack up my landing if I don’t.
I tell CFOT athletes to always warmup with SQ CLeans and I usually do…forever more!!

Hit 245# (ties my gym record) Only time I hit 250 and 255 was at OPT bash, starting to wonder if my judge added the kilos right! 😉
A lot of misses at 255#, poor landing.

B. every 20 sec, perform a single of 90% of part A – for 5 min:

Tore this up at 225#.
I kept going and hit an extra 5 sets to hit 20 total, needed to clear my head of all those 255# misses.
Very healing.

C. ring HSPU practice

Hit 2 Ring HSPU EMOM x 10 min
Finished with 4 sets of 4 reps, 2 min rest

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