Mon March 5th, Ring HSPU Breakthrough!

5 rounds casual pace 11 strict pullup, 11 ring pushups, 14 OH Walking lunge, 15 GHD situp, 30RPM Airdyne, 20 CB Parry.

0830 Mobility

1030 Main Training

A. clean grip DL – EMOM for 3 reps for 8 min – add per set – TnG reps tough – more intense per set
RESULTS: 335, 345, 355, 365, 375 (top end), 315, 315, 315
Not TnG but a Fast reset.

B. ring HSPU practice – 10 min
RESULTS: Killed it, huge PR: 4 EMOM x 9 min then 3 the last min. Previous best was 3 EMOM x 6r then 2 for last 4r. Reps were fast and a bit sloppy but wanted to really go for some volume verse worrying about being perfect.

C. box jump practice – 5-7 min – good rebounding reps-
RESULTS: 10rep EMOMm x 5min then 15 last 2 min.

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