SAT April 7th

First real training session Post FAST. Was weak but body had just flushed all of those toxins out…should be back to full strength and hopefully better by the end of this week.

A. back squat – 3 x 3 @ 80% effort; rest 2 min
RESULTS: 295#, 305, 315

B. squat clean – build to a tough single in 5 min
RESULTS: 205# (way off on speed and strength)

Coached 2 classes then jumped in with CFOT athletes for our competition club

A. Build to a 1rm in the snatch
RESULTS: Simply wanted to move some weight not max so built to 165#

B. 5 rounds: 5 sn, 7 RING HSPU 14 Pistols
Results: used 115-135# and never looked at the clock, goal was to train and shake the cobwebs off post fast

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