4/10/12 TnG DL, PP

AM session
80% Aerobic
8 rounds: 200m run, 20 walking lunge, 15 depth pushups

mid AM session:
4 sets:
5 TnG DL
AD sprint 15 seconds @100%
Rest 3 min
285, 295, 305, 315
Conservative, felt good

4 sets:
5 TnG push press
Row sprint 20 seconds @100%
Rest 3 min
165, 175, 185, 195

4 thoughts on “4/10/12 TnG DL, PP

  1. Max effort high stroke rate is some tough shit! Just like to see you get a little more out of your legs, save that powerful arm pull till your legs Finish the drive. I’m sure you see the early arm bend/pull. I get why it’s happening, just pointing it out so you can get as much out of your body as possible. I think the high stroke rate works for you, just be careful this does not carry over to your longer rows or you will bonk. Sure you know all this..geeking on you, lol.

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