4/13/12 Muscle-up PR

AM session
4 sets: 200m run, 20 lunge, 9 pullups
5 min easy Airdyne
4 sets: 15 ghd situp, 12 t2b, 12 reverse hyper

mid AM session
A. Power snatch; build to a tough single (not a 1rm)
Results: 170# not feeling fast

B. 2 power snatch on the minute for 8 minutes with 90% of A
Results: 155#, felt fast

C. 10 sets of 3 unbroken muscle ups for time (if you fail a set of 3
UB there is a 30 sec penalty added to the score)
Results: 3:15!!

D. Ring HSPU – amrap sets of 3 in 8 minutes.
Results: 13 sets of 3 = 39 reps

2 thoughts on “4/13/12 Muscle-up PR

  1. Jerry, I’m so intrigued with your training. I really dig it because it’s sort of what I’m doing and have been doing for a while. Yours is a bit more intense then mine because our goals are different. It again proves to me that controll, breathing and as close to perfect from pays off in the chaos of the comp/WOD. I’m a fan of breathing ladders, have you used them?

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