AM session
Pushed the effort and heart rate a bit knowing I had muscular endurance stuff later

mid AM session
A. Power clean; build to a tough single (not a 1rm)
Result: Went conservative and quick. 135,155,175,195,215,235

B. TnG power snatch gauntlet; 2 reps on the minute. Start @115#, add
10 pounds per minute until failure
RESULT: Loved this! 165 x 2 very Clean, 175×1 clean and 1 ugly press-out

C. 6 minutes strict muscle up practice
RESULT: used body leverage but no hip kip, got close to 30 in 6min, didn’t count

D. Amrap 1-5 unbroken HSPU ladders in 10 minutes
5 rounds plus 1,2,3,4 (10reps)
Been working ring HSPU at a volume of 40 reps, the 85 regular HSPU crushed the shoulders!

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