5/02/12: MAP Training

WOW, I have missed blogging a weeks worth of training…still going hard…simply busy!

AM Session

A. AD :30 tough, :30 spin x 3
B. Clubbell x 10r x 3
C. AD :30 tough, :30 spin x 3
D. 3 rounds: 25 leg raise, 12 T2B, 20 reverse hyper
E. 5 rounds: 20 WB, 10 Dip

Mid AM Session
10 min amrap @90% aerobic
4 hang squat cleans 135#
Run 200m
Results: was solid got 7 rounds, tough breathing but did not grunt this

Rest 5 min
10 min amrap @90% aer
3 muscle ups
10 wall balls
30 double unders
Results: 6 rounds, MU and DU are wheelhouse so was smooth, not as tough an effort as (A.)
Rest 5 min
10 min amrap @90% aer
5 OHS 115#
5 burpee broad jumps
20 meter bear crawl
Run 200m
Results: Tough movements, took a bit to find my groove. 4 rounds plus 5 OHS.

10 min time domain and movements were a good opportunity to find a solid breathing pattern.
My 2nd 5 min on each WOD was slighter faster than first 5 min so i felt i paced nicely.

3 thoughts on “5/02/12: MAP Training

  1. Hey Jen, how was your meet?

    I do a simple Clubbell Parry, maybe an occasional CB Swing. The CB adds a tiny bit of rotational movement in my training and keeps the shoulders healthy. You could prob accomplish this with some KB Halos.

  2. Thanks Jerry. My meet went well, third place in my weight division, also third place in the CrossFit division. No PRs, just wanted to get the Oly total, next meet May 20th.

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