Sat June 2nd, double WOD morning

WOD1: goal was to get hurt by it, no pacing. The 21’s left me dizzy and disoriented for the 15’s. Good stuff.

WOD2: Solid breathing. Could have pushed a bit more to get 9 full rounds. Didn’t sprint because it was 14 min not 4. Had more in me.

3 thoughts on “Sat June 2nd, double WOD morning

  1. Hey Jen!
    I think that BE is simply my best attempt to keep the movement FAST and acceptable.
    IMO the Back extension is best utilized pre-WOD or post WOD or simply NOT FOR TIME.
    The movement is a great strengthener but gets sloppy when attempting to fly through.

    I did my best to block my hips and curl up while also going fast…all the extra arm movement is for rhythm/style.

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