June 4, 2012: Sq Snatch EMOM

Early AM, 90% Aerobic
5 rounds: 200m run, 20 leg raise, 15 t2b, 10 reverse hyper
rest 3 min
5 rounds: 200m run, 15 ghd situp, 15 clubbell swing
5 rounds of 10 reps clubbell parry

Mid morning:
A. Back sq x 8,6,4,2,8
Results: Caught a glute/hammie cramp on first set. Stretched out and decided it was smart to skip BS today. Sad because I LOVE BS!!

B. 3 Squat Snatch at 155# EMOM x 8 rounds:
Results: All TnG, felt fast and strong. I was MAD from the BS experience and channeled the energy here.

C. 10 Min of Ring HSPU practice


2 thoughts on “June 4, 2012: Sq Snatch EMOM

  1. Compare this with recent sessions, where many of the snatches ended with a few steps forward. Looking solid.

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