June 20th: pushing through


A bit sore and tired, kept it to my simple yet effective:

A. 10 min Airdyne :30 aerobic, :30 easy spin
-rest 5 min-
B. 10 min Airdyne :30 aerobic, :30 easy spin
-rest 5 min-
C. 10min of Clubbell work for the shoulders.


7 minute AMRAP
60m shuttle run (10m out and back x 3)
5 Burpee Box jump at 30″
10 KB swing at 70#

Results: 6 full rounds.
I had a hard time warming up/getting fired up.
Finally said heck with it…I went outside for 20min walk in the sun!
Got my mind right for attack!
Came inside and did 5 intervals, each one was faster, proved to myself I could do less than 1:10 a round, simply needed to push through. Did it, a good effort on a WOD that is not always in my wheelhouse. Ready to EAT and REST!

3 thoughts on “June 20th: pushing through

  1. Hi Jerry!
    My name is Vadim, I’m from Russia, Kazan. I wish you success in the Games. Great choice of music for the SCl ladder. I’ll try this one too for my workouts.)) I am also preparing for the Reebook CF Champ Russia, where they have no any age categories. It seems to be fun to compete … I’ll track your blog for more inspiration )))

  2. Hi, Jerry!
    Good choice of music for SCl ladder!!!! I with you from Russia. Hope you”ll show the best of performance on the Games. Keep going))))

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