Tues-Fri July 24-27


Early AM
5 Intervals, 2min rest
10 Strict Pullups, 20 deficit pushups, 20calories Airdyne

A.EMOMx 10min Front squat x 2 with chains at 60% (185#). No misses ALL speed!
—can bump this weight next time or move to triples and 7min—

B. EMOM x 10min
3 Touch-and-Go snatch (from HANG)
Felt cranky and slow so was conservative

C. 5 rounds:
15 KB Swing (70#)
50 Double Under
15 Toe-2-Bar
4:59 Unbroken, no chalk breaks


Early AM:

CFE: 3 x 1,000m row with 4min rest.
Pressed for time, no running warmup today. Treated first 2 intervals as ramp up and hit 3rd the hardest. Not Rxed or ideal but got some work in. 3:49.6, 3:45.7, 3:40.7

A: EMOMx 10
3 Touch-and-Go Cleans (From Hang)

B: 42, 30, 18 Wallball and 21-15-9 Lateral Burpees


5 rounds: 15 t2b, 15 hip extension
Clubbell work

8 min of quality HS walk practice. Covered about 140′ but worked on position verse distance.

21 Chest-2-Bar Pullups
50 Double Under
15 Chest-2-Bar Pullups
50 Double Under
9 Chest-2-Bar Pullups
50 Double Under

3:03, not an easy WOD.

MON July 23

Day one of CrossFit Endurance
Warmed up with some 200m jogs and running drills, sprints were out with my Hammy.
Goal is to keep warming up with running and one day soon I’ll feel good enough to test it.

8x250m Row with 2:00 rest
Splits were between :49.7 and :48.9
Not all out but it’s a start!

A. Back Squat x 2 w/ double chain EMOM x10min
Use 60-70% of 1 rm (all speed)
225# for all 10 sets (around 60%)

B. 2 hsqsn emom x 10
Went from a 20″ block to save Hammy.
No clue what I’m doing, felt OK.
Started at 125# worked up to 165#

C. OHS and Dips
10-1 OHS, 1-10 Dips
Used 115# in 7:28, walked through, nothing hectic or heart racingly tough, having fun training again.


Saturday July 21

6 intervals at 85%
15 T2B
15 Hip Extension
Airdyne x 1:00
rest 2 min

Front Squat with Double Chains
2 reps EMOM x 10 minutes with 185#, around 65% 1rm

B. Hang Squat Clean and Jerk
Very conservative, 155,165,175,185,195,205

C. Partner work
8 min AMRAP squat clean at 85%, you go partner goes
USED 185-205# so more like 75-80%

A good sweat from the start. Felt good to train with the team.
MPH – 4,900%

Back at it…2013?

Guess it’s time to change the goal date on this blog hey?

I plan on taking it slow for the rest of the week and ease into next week.
I’m still beat up from the Games; low back has a pinch from that “Unorthodox deadlift style” and Hammy needs time to heal.

Some things i’m going to address:
1. Tight external hip rotators. Putting extra pull on pelvis and messing with hammy?
2. Weak internal hip rotators. Anyone have a thigh master or suggestions? 😉
3. More running. Create some balance in hammies with my love of lifting.
4. Play more. Movement in planes besides forward, up and down, include rotational movement.

5 sets: 10 pullups, 20 pushups, 30 situps, 40 walking lunges, 2 min rest

Clubbell work, rotational med ball work, leg swings

A. Snatch from blocks.
First time attempting to snatch off of our 20″ boxes. Working around my low hamstring issue.
Worked to 150# x 1 x 3 sets

B. Partner WOD with Melissa
15 min AMRAP
30 Box Jump 24″
15 High hang power Sn (95#)

result: 9 rounds plus 17reps
We split the work evenly


MPH, 4,900%

July 3, 2012

10min AD
Clubbell work
Barbell lunge x 20reps x 5sets

4 min AMRAP as fast as possible
5 burpee, 10 WB, 20 DU

rest 20min

4 min AMRAP as fast as possible
10 DB thruster at 30# each, 10 pullup, 5 burpee

These WODs were too short to redline but at 4min tested my will to continue to go fast as possible!

MPH – 4,900%

July 2, 2012

20min Airdyne
Clubbell work
5 round: 15 t2b
15 Hip ext, 50 DU x 3

A. Hang Cl&J x 2 every 3min
185#, 195, 205, 215, 225
Testing Hammy out.

B. Rope climb 1-5 and Hang Cl&J 5-1 with ascending weight (135, 155, 185, 205, 225)
Walked through this to test hammy and get some rope climb in.