Back at it…2013?

Guess it’s time to change the goal date on this blog hey?

I plan on taking it slow for the rest of the week and ease into next week.
I’m still beat up from the Games; low back has a pinch from that “Unorthodox deadlift style” and Hammy needs time to heal.

Some things i’m going to address:
1. Tight external hip rotators. Putting extra pull on pelvis and messing with hammy?
2. Weak internal hip rotators. Anyone have a thigh master or suggestions? 😉
3. More running. Create some balance in hammies with my love of lifting.
4. Play more. Movement in planes besides forward, up and down, include rotational movement.

5 sets: 10 pullups, 20 pushups, 30 situps, 40 walking lunges, 2 min rest

Clubbell work, rotational med ball work, leg swings

A. Snatch from blocks.
First time attempting to snatch off of our 20″ boxes. Working around my low hamstring issue.
Worked to 150# x 1 x 3 sets

B. Partner WOD with Melissa
15 min AMRAP
30 Box Jump 24″
15 High hang power Sn (95#)

result: 9 rounds plus 17reps
We split the work evenly


MPH, 4,900%

8 thoughts on “Back at it…2013?

  1. Jerry,
    I was thinking of you today because I bought a wheelbarrel to mix into my Lifting. I have been doing some more outsdie the box work over the last few months to keep me more balanced. Also got a Bulgarian Sand bag.
    Running has helped my hamstrings. I do some trail running and some EWOD work each week and it seems to have paid off.
    Question: Will you continue to have James program for you or was that just for the games? If not will you follow Big Dawgs or do your own thing?


  2. EWODs = Endurance WODs from their site. Just the running from single sport section like Run (THU): 3 x 800m, rest 1:00, hold splits within 3-5 seconds. Im not a huge fan of running but putting two or so of these kinda deals in the mix has made a huge difference for me.
    We now have a class once a week that follows the single sport programming for our members due to the big draw to endurance in our area.
    For me it helps me with the head trip that is running!


  3. Followed your training since Feb and was at the games last week. What I witnessed at the saturday masters chipper WOD was the most memorable event of the weekend. My wife and I were in the stands in front of your girls and to watch you persevere through that workout while listening to your daughters cheer you on brought both of us to tears. That is what Crossfit is all about, to watch a champion press on through obstacles with the support of the community. You are an inspiration.

    • Hey John,
      Thanks for taking the time to tell me this brother, really appreciate it.
      I’m struggling right now with the experience of competing verse my love for training.
      Your message helps me believe this is something I have to go for once more.
      In Strength,

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