MON July 23

Day one of CrossFit Endurance
Warmed up with some 200m jogs and running drills, sprints were out with my Hammy.
Goal is to keep warming up with running and one day soon I’ll feel good enough to test it.

8x250m Row with 2:00 rest
Splits were between :49.7 and :48.9
Not all out but it’s a start!

A. Back Squat x 2 w/ double chain EMOM x10min
Use 60-70% of 1 rm (all speed)
225# for all 10 sets (around 60%)

B. 2 hsqsn emom x 10
Went from a 20″ block to save Hammy.
No clue what I’m doing, felt OK.
Started at 125# worked up to 165#

C. OHS and Dips
10-1 OHS, 1-10 Dips
Used 115# in 7:28, walked through, nothing hectic or heart racingly tough, having fun training again.


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