Mon-SAT July 30-Aug 4

SAT AUG 4th:
4,000 row, rest 5min, 4,000 row more mental than breathing. 16:14.8 and 16:35

Later in Morning:
A. EMOMx 10min Back squat x 2 with chains at 60%. No misses ALL speed!
—235# can bump to 245/255—
B. Clean work, stayed light
C.Partner WORK, In 8 minutes: Max KB swing (53w, 70m)
D Partner WORK, In 8 minutes: Max UB double unders (must switch after each miss)

FRI Aug 3rd

10 rounds: 200m run plus
2 rounds of 6 strict pullup, 9 deficit pushups, 12 air sq
–So actually 20 rounds of the bdwt stuff, 10 rounds of 200m run—

8x250m ROW with 1:30 rest. Splits were :48.9-:49.7

4min AMRAP Squat Clean at 200#
6 min rest
4min AMRAP Squat Clean at 185#

TUES July 31

100 ring rows and 100 ring pushups

MON July 30
CFE 3 X 800m RUN w/ 3 min rest btwn, hold each effort within 3-5 seconds of others
Warmed up with 5x200m run and mobility between each. Didn’t want to push hammy so hit the ERG at 3:49.6, 3:49.6, 3:49.5 pretty easy pace

3 Back Squat
Every 2min x 5 sets
Record average load
A. Ave 305# (265,285,305,325,345) was tempted to go 365 but first time heavy in BS for a while. Good stuff.

B. 4 Sets
15 UB dimel deadlift.
Use speed and hamstrings. Don’t get caught up in weight, build hamstring strength! Start at 40% deadlift max and adjust weight from there.
rest the amount of time it takes partner to go then…
Max unbroken WB.
Dimel’s at 145# Well below 40% but Hammy held up!/ subed Jumping lunge for wallball, that is going to hurt!