Wednesday June 19, 2013


I’m a fan first.
It’s taken me a bit to understand what truly motivates me about sport.

  • I like rooting for others (probably why I like coaching).
  • I like being part of a team (others effort inspires me to reach deeper).
  • I like having FUN (take this shit too serious and it’s no fun).

Amazingly last years CrossFit Games was the FIRST EVER CrossFit competition I competed in SOLO.
This year will only be the SECOND time I’ve competed as an individual. So both times on the big stage. Shit, I should have entered some comps this year hey? NAH, I’m not sure I even enjoy competing as an individual, crazy right? Let me tell ya what I’ve learned; last year I was way to focused on performing well, put silly pressure on myself. This year I truly can’t wait to enjoy the experience of competing with my fellow athletes. I can’t wait to go root them on! I look forward to watching their efforts and soaking in that inspiration! I can’t wait to go have some FUN!

In case ya haven’t noticed, I grew some chops…the chops are a reminder to have fun and be myself.


Do my Chops look like John Quincy Adams or HellBoy?IMG_4019

Oh and one more thing; this STUFF is way more FUN when you show up in shape.
5-weeks out.

Well the problem with blogging your training is if you have an effort you’re not happy with ya still gotta write it down!

A. 30 sqcl at 205#
-result; all singles in 8:46-
I paced through the whole thing and never got fired up or treated it as a tester. Last week I got 2 TnG x 15 at 205# in 10:00 so maybe I paced out to only beat that but still, not a killer effort. My first 14 reps were in 4:00, thats :17 a rep, my final pace was :17.5 sec a rep so started to slow/paced too much. Oh well…it’s all training!

B. 9 TnG DL every 2:00 at 255# x 4 sets
Up from 225# last week. Goal here is to build over the next few weeks. Had great speed and strength.

2 hours later

Aerobic intervals with the Prowler: Light load, high turnover. 25 yard push, 50 yard jog, 25 yard push. 20:00 of work, Murphy goes, I go (took about :30-:40 a person) so we might have got 16+ round each. Good Aerobic breathing and effort.

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