Friday June 21, 2013


Today and all weekend I’m coaching at Team RWB Veterans Functional Fitness Camp at Crossfit Rubicon.
Perhaps more on this later, long day, back at it tomorrow.

I got some training in on our Lunch Break.
20 Minute AMRAP
10 Push Press at 115#
10 pullups
10 KB swing at 53#

My normally tough as nails hands have 5 blisters and one torn callous. My knees (patella’s) are cranky as HECK. My left shoulder is still tweaked from Regionals, my right elbow is SHIT.
Did I mention that a good portion of attendees at the Camp are adaptive athletes with missing limbs or other lifelong injuries?
STFU Jerry and train…

13 +2reps, could have been 14 +2, we all lost track!
Last 10:00 was definitely 6 +2 and slower than the first 10:00 but we weren’t sure if the first 10:00 was 7 or 8 rounds.
GREAT TRAINING!! Grip was NASTY!! Lots of sweat, plus the busted up hands.
I love it!!

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