Saturday June 22, 2013


Saturday training is usually reserved for squats then either Snatch or Clean, then some work. So a 3 part day with heavier volume. Saturdays is also competition club so I get to train with all of our competitors, needless to say my favorite day of the week! Since this weekend I’m coaching at team RWB functional fitness camp for Veterans I was going to miss my CFOT crew and get the training in SOLO on lunch break. A cool thing happen though. Derick comes up to me and says all the coaches want to train at lunch! On Friday I pulled two other coaches in to train, today everyone wanted to train, AWESOME! He suggested a WOD and it was nothing that I had planned on (I was going heavy BS then Cleans EMOM), he had an 8:00 ladder up with HSPU, PRESS and Toes to bar…screw it, I wanted in with EVERYONE so told him I would sub out PRESS with cleans. They changed the WOD for me and everyone did cleans, HECK YA!! I parked my barbell right next to Derick who is an adaptive athlete with a prosthetic leg and an upperbody like a silverback gorilla…this was going to be FUN and MOTIVATING!!

WOD: 8:00 Ladder up
1 HSPU, 1 Power clean (185#), 1 T2b, 2,2,2…how high can you get in 8:00?
I finished with 8 full rounds plus 9 HSPU plus 2 cleans so 8 +11, a great effort at about 90-95%. I was still standing at the end and felt good for a solid pace at another couple of minutes…so I could have pushed the gas a bit more during the rounds of 7 and 8. This WOD came down to hammering the cleans. I went TnG up to 4 then 3,2 then 3,3, then 2, 2, 1, 2 then 2, 1,1,1,1,1,1. Then 1,1 in last few seconds. Good training and a whole bunch of Inspiration!!

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