Tuesday June 25, 2013


Five men left on the face of Earth and there is a need to form a four man crew team.
I’d be odd man out.

Tuesday training:
A. 3 rounds of
15 c2b pull-ups
50 Double Under

Result: 4:36
Wheelhouse work but still good to train and burn through. Everything Unbroken with no rest till last set of HSPU: 8, 4, 3

1.5 hours later

B. Aerobic intervals. :30 erg at 80%-90%, :30 rest on erg x 8 intervals, rest 3:00, repeat two more times. So 8, 3, 8, 3, 8
Pace was 1:40-1:42 (148-151 meters per :30), good breathing and sweat.

C. Ashtanga Yoga, beginner x 1:15

A solid training day.

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