Friday, June 28, 2013

“Specific physical preparation means have to
develop above all the capacity of the body to
provide energy for effective specific muscular work”

– Dr.  Yuri Verkhoshansky


At this stage of my training (24 days out) I should be doing more CrossFit testers (or at least traditionally would be). The Games will be some brutal WODs and nothing can prep you better then training those tough CrossFit couplets, triplets and chippers. My goal over these last 5-weeks was to hit 3 solid testers a week. It’s been more like 1-2 but thats OK by me. I’ve got some aches and pains so I’m doing a bit more “training” (where I feel more in control) instead of hardcore “testing” (where I tend to attack with reckless abandon). My end goal being show up to the Games healthy, confident, and strong. Unfortunately with those aches and pains I’ll have some holes…but my conditioning, strength, and skill should be solid and maybe even prevail!

Aerobic intervals on C2. :30 erg at 80%-90%, :30 rest on erg x 8 intervals, rest 3:00, repeat two more times. So 8, 3, 8, 3, 8. Pace was 1:40-1:42 (148-151 meters per :30), good breathing and sweat.

No Yoga, slept in! Then in the afternoon went to the ballgame with some friends. A solid grounding day.

Every 2:30 x 8 (4 sets each): ODD max UB pullups (don’t game the pullups, go for a PR and all out each set) and EVEN max UB Push jerk (185#)

Last time we hit training like this I Pred my pullups at 60! I didn’t have it today, I busted up my hands last Thursday and have made them worse every day since. Still, I hit some good volume on the pullups. The push jerk was a bit too heavy with the added bicep pump from pullups but still fun. Results: Pullup: 43, 33, 27, 27 PJ: 8, 7, 5, 7

3 hours later

The Prowler:
Every 4:00 a 30 yard push, used a heavier weight at 180#. We (Murphy, Grace, and I) performed 6 sets. It was tough but more from a strength standpoint verse breathing. Great training!

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