Mon, Tues, Wed, July 15-17, 2013


A Solid 3-days of training, felt really good about the efforts!
I’m in a good place mentally and physically.

Workout of the Day
30 Snatches (135m/95w)
40 Pistol Squats
50 Plate Burpees
Results: 7:03, GREAT Effort and test…TOUGH!
Paced out the snatch at 2:45-:50, unbroken Pistols at 1:35-:40, Plate burpees with pause for hip extension at top in 2:25-:30. An awesome pre-games push!!

1 hour later

The Prowler with Murphy and Grace.
Aerobic effort: 25yard light prowler push, 50yard shuttle run, 25yard light prowler push, 50yard shuttle run x 12.
It was HOT, good sweating and aerobic effort while feeling overheated.


Workout of the Day
5 Rds
5 Muscle Ups
15 Box Jumps
25 Wall Balls
Results: 12:44
Went for it, good effort. Took a pause here and there. UB MU, Plyo BJ with pause at top, did my best with WB, if I broke it was only for 2-3 breaths.
Aerobic breathing on the ERG
:30 at 85-90%, :30 rest x 8, rest 3:00 x 3 total rounds
First round was 85%, pushed to 95% on second round, backed off to 90% on 3rd
YOGA, 1:15 Ashtanga Yoga

Back Squat x 4
Every 3min x 4 Sets
Record average load, all sets working sets
Results: HBBS at 302.5 
295, 300, 305, 310
I’m a much better LBBSer but determined to improve my leg strength for Cleans!!
I felt SOLID and STRONG, Not huge #’s but good enough for now.
Every 60s x10
Odd: 2x Clean DL to Halting Position
EVEN: 1 Power Clean
Results: 225, 235, 245, 255, then a miss at a PR Power Clean attempt of 260. SO CLOSE! Pr sqcl is 270 so will use that if it comes up at The Games.
then 1.5 hours later
The Final Prowler?
With Murphy, Grace is outta town.
Aerobic effort: 25yard light prowler push, 50yard shuttle run, 25yard light prowler push x 16 intervals
95 degrees with 55% humidity…GOOD TIMES!!

Sat and Sun July 13-14


Sanders, Myself, Uhle, Tim, and Pete Stramese at Competition Club

Every Saturday at 10:00 our competitors meet to train.
We pushed each other in the Offseason, Open Prep, Regional Prep, and now as they build their offseason strength they continue to push me for Games prep; THANKS GUYS!
A lot of regular peeps missing in this photo, so thanks to all who come in to motivate, inspire, and bond while slinging barbells!

FS x 5 every 3:00 x 4 sets
Record average load
(all 4 sets should be working sets)
No misses!
Results: 245# (81.6% of 1rm)
Was aggressive early then pulled back.
As many 1-5 unbroken hang squat clean ladders as you can in 10 min. (Do one then drop, 2 then drop, 3 then drop, 4 then drop, 5 then drop, start back at 1.
Result: 3 +6 at 175#
Paced because of strength. I had 1:30 left on the clock after 3 rounds, only got the 1,2,3 and could have hustled to get the 4’s. Was standing at the end so could have pushed a bit more but being conservative with that final beast mode push this close to the Games.

Aerobic recovery on the ERG.
:30 at 80%, :30 rest x 10, rest 3:00 x 2 (so 10:00 then 10:00)
easy pace, good sweat and breathing.
HOT YOGA: Power II 1:15
A well rounded challenge: shoulders, hamstrings and external rotators.
Felt freakin’ great (and got my butt-kicked!).

WED, THURS, FRI July 10-12

The Trunk of my Honda Civic

The Trunk of my Honda Civic

The back seat of my Civic

The back seat of my Civic

“At the peak of tremendous and victorious effort, while the blood is pounding in your head, all suddenly becomes quiet within you. Everything seems clearer and whiter than ever before, as if great spotlights had been turned on. At that moment, you have the conviction that you contain all the power in the world, that you are capable of everything, that you have wings. There is no more precious moment in life than this, the white moment, and you will work very hard for years just to taste it again.”
– Yuri Vlasov

Back Squat x 5 every 3:00 x 4 sets, record average load (all 4 sets should be working sets), no misses!
Results: 262.5# HBBS. Conservative, last set was a push but not max. Simply wanted to go moderately heavy with solid speed but not a grinding effort. 225, 255, 275, 295

Odd min: mid thigh hang sq snatch x 1
Even min: Ful snatch from the floor x 1
Build heavy.
Result: Worked up to 175#, first heavy sqsn in a while so again was conservative.

2 hours later

The Prowler with Murphy and Grace
Heavier day. 25 yard push every 4:00 x 10 rounds
Finished with 220# on rounds 9 and 10. A great Strength day on the Prowler

VIDEO: Prowler Action

0930: 1:15 of Hot Yoga, a great hammy/hip opener and ridiculous sweat.

Partner WOD
Running Clock 5mins x6 (3sets each)
Odd Sets-Both Partners run 400m
in remaining time
Max T2B
Even Sets-Both Partners run 400m
in remaining time
Max Muscle Ups
Results: I have not run with my patella tendonitis so wanted to test it with some 200m runs, finished the rest of the 400 on the rower. Runs felt great. Partnered with Greg, we got 202 T2B and 52 MU. Kept it aerobic as today is normally an active recovery day. Only pushed the last round of MU at 14 reps. A great sweat (30:00 of work) and fun training!


5 Rds
5 C2B Pull Ups
10 HR Push Ups
15 Air Squat
***30 Shoulder to Overhead @155#***
5 C2B Pull Ups
10 HR Push Ups
15 Air Squats
Results: 9:55, wheelhouse WOD, tough 5 round cash-out, the HR pushups were the x-factor and slowed things down at the end.

2 hours later

The Prowler with Murphy and Grace
50 yard push (25 down and back) every 4:00 x 8 rounds
Finished with 135 and 145# on rounds 7 and 8.
Good breathing with recovery.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Miracle on Ice, February 22, 1980, Lake Placid, NY.

“No one has ever worked hard enough to skate with the Soviet team for an entire game. Gentlemen, we are gonna work hard enough.”
-Herb Brooks

I went to Lake Placid in 1979 and saw the Olympic team practice. I was 14 years old when this all went down, what a formative age.

At the age of 16 I met Jim Peckham, Olympic wresting coach. Actually I lived in his garage and wrestled under his tutelage for a week. His motto was “Earn the right to Win.” Man did we work.

Every athlete has a different goal, a different drive. Amongst individuals these goals can change depending on the competition, event, or even evolve over the years.

So yeah this year it’s not “Earn the right Win”

Last year I proved that a pull in the hamstring is a hell of a long way from the heart. This year it’s time to earn that heart again and experience that effort healthy!


A. 12:00 to find max sqcl thruster, worked up to 185#, back was tight, right sacrum stuck.
B. HERO WOD DT. Did not start, back was not good.

2 hours later

C. PROWLER with Murphy and Grace. That leaned over position of the Prowler was OK on the back.
Aerobic work, 25y push, 50m shuttle run, 25y push, 50y shuttle run x 11 rounds in a 1:2 work to rest ratio.

Every 2:30 x 6 (3 each)
Odd max c2b pull-ups
Even max HSPU
Results 36/28, 27/15, 20,15 (kipped the 3rd set)
TOUGH EFFORT, really sapped me
8min AMRAP
150 DU cash-in
12 Wall Balls
8 Burpees
Results: Had a NASTY pump from WOD A wasn’t moving well.
5 +5reps

RESTED 90 minutes

Hit WOD B again.
6 +5 reps
Great training. Good to hit it the first time under tough conditions then the 2nd time a bit more rested.

D. An appointment with DR Paul to fix that stuck low back…OH YEAH!!!

Saturday, July 6th, 2013


Retest 10:00 Cindy with a 8# weight vest
Results 15+5, a 35rep improvement from last month.
It’s a wheelhouse WOD but tough breathing and pace.
I used 8# because its 5% of bdwt and a load that doesn’t slow me down much but makes me suffer a bit more.

2 hours later

The Prowler with Murphy and Grace
25 yard down and back push so 50 yards total every 4:00
2 warmups intervals then 7-8 working intervals at around 100#
3 lighter cool down intervals at :20 work to :40 rest


A. FSx1
Went 95, 135, 185, 225, 255, 280, 290, 300, 310 (miss).

B. 2 CL&J every :90 x 10
I stayed at 225# the whole time. I wanted to keep speed and dominate this weight.

C. THREE intervals at 100%
250m row, 15 KB swing (70#), 20 burpee
1:3 work to rest ratio
Took about 2:09-2:12, good breathing.

Tues, WED, Thurs July 04, 2013


I have missed posting my last few days, been busy with family fun. I’m going to simply post the training today.

30 Muscle-ups for Time
Results: 3:39 not a PR, around :30 off top time. Thats OK, didn’t have my top speed today.

7 Plate Burpees
7 T2B
Results: 4:16, wheelhouse WOD, UB and fast until last t2b at 4 then 3. Could have worn a weight vest for this but it was good to burn through.

EXTRA: some static holds on the rings

1 hour later

Aerobic breathing on ERG at 90-95%.
:30 work, :30 rest x 5, rest 3:00 x 3 total sets.
I was lacking attention today so reduced the sets to 5 and pushed the intensity a bit more.
ashtanga yoga


A. Back Squat
Find your 3 rep max.
15min cap
Result: 300×3 HBBS not a max or PR, felt fast and solid.
I have patella tendentious so have not been pushing the squats. I have been doing mostly speed squats but felt OK today and pushed it a bit more.
Every 90s x10 (5 each)
Odd-High Squat Clean
Even-Full Squat Clean
Result: worked up to a 215# High hang x 2 tng and 255 sqcl

2 hours later

The Prowler
I went with a 30 yard push every 4:00. Could have gone 3:00 but wanted to go heavy and recover. I took 4 warmup intervals (16:00) at 90, 110, 130, 130. Straight into 160, 180, 200, 200, 220 x 4! Efforts were alactic at 12-15sec. Last 2 pushes went to failure. I was out there for 48:00, the breathing was manageable, it was good strength work!

Thursday JULY 4th!!
Active recovery day
Hot Flow Yoga
No erg work/aerobic recover today. Spent some great time with Family, a good recharge and grounding day.

Monday, July 01, 2013


The harder you train, the more you push your own limits, the more you appreciate others EFFORT. The sacrifice, the struggle, the suffering is in fact enlightening and peaceful. It stimulates the senses, connects you to the Earth and to others. I feel wonderful and connected…to my family, my CrossFit Oldtown team, my competitors, and every darn person I meet. I am grateful that I get to share this journey with so many amazing people and that this journey has been SO MUCH FUN!

3-weeks out baby!!!

0915 was great ENERGY!

A. EMOM x8
3 T-N-G Power Snatch
AMRAP Double Unders in Remaining Time
RESULT: 468 DU at 140# snatch. Felt awesome but that was a lot of work!

B. EMOM x8
5 T-N-G Deadlift
AMRAP Wall Balls in remaining time
RESULT: 101 WB at 245# Deadlift. I wanted to go 275# DL but also wanted to get some solid work with WB so I am happy with the weight selection. This was a TOUGH effort. The previous workout was a lot so I was in no way recovered. This WOD hurt in a great way.

2 hours later

The Prowler with Grace and Murphy.
Aerobic intervals.
25 yard light weight, high turnover (20#) push, 50 yard shuttle run, 25 yard push, 50 yard shuttle run.
10 rounds EACH in 22:00. Great breathing and effort.
I am so Grateful for Murphy and Grace they have helped push me beyond what I could do solo.
My only desire at The Games is to know full effort…proper preparation helps.