Monday, July 01, 2013


The harder you train, the more you push your own limits, the more you appreciate others EFFORT. The sacrifice, the struggle, the suffering is in fact enlightening and peaceful. It stimulates the senses, connects you to the Earth and to others. I feel wonderful and connected…to my family, my CrossFit Oldtown team, my competitors, and every darn person I meet. I am grateful that I get to share this journey with so many amazing people and that this journey has been SO MUCH FUN!

3-weeks out baby!!!

0915 was great ENERGY!

A. EMOM x8
3 T-N-G Power Snatch
AMRAP Double Unders in Remaining Time
RESULT: 468 DU at 140# snatch. Felt awesome but that was a lot of work!

B. EMOM x8
5 T-N-G Deadlift
AMRAP Wall Balls in remaining time
RESULT: 101 WB at 245# Deadlift. I wanted to go 275# DL but also wanted to get some solid work with WB so I am happy with the weight selection. This was a TOUGH effort. The previous workout was a lot so I was in no way recovered. This WOD hurt in a great way.

2 hours later

The Prowler with Grace and Murphy.
Aerobic intervals.
25 yard light weight, high turnover (20#) push, 50 yard shuttle run, 25 yard push, 50 yard shuttle run.
10 rounds EACH in 22:00. Great breathing and effort.
I am so Grateful for Murphy and Grace they have helped push me beyond what I could do solo.
My only desire at The Games is to know full effort…proper preparation helps.

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