Saturday, July 6th, 2013


Retest 10:00 Cindy with a 8# weight vest
Results 15+5, a 35rep improvement from last month.
It’s a wheelhouse WOD but tough breathing and pace.
I used 8# because its 5% of bdwt and a load that doesn’t slow me down much but makes me suffer a bit more.

2 hours later

The Prowler with Murphy and Grace
25 yard down and back push so 50 yards total every 4:00
2 warmups intervals then 7-8 working intervals at around 100#
3 lighter cool down intervals at :20 work to :40 rest


A. FSx1
Went 95, 135, 185, 225, 255, 280, 290, 300, 310 (miss).

B. 2 CL&J every :90 x 10
I stayed at 225# the whole time. I wanted to keep speed and dominate this weight.

C. THREE intervals at 100%
250m row, 15 KB swing (70#), 20 burpee
1:3 work to rest ratio
Took about 2:09-2:12, good breathing.

2 thoughts on “Saturday, July 6th, 2013

  1. Jerry! So excited and impressed by you! Love that you post your wods. You really love that PROWLER don’t you! Hope the hammie is staying strong!
    Rest Later,

    • Thanks Leslie!
      The Prowler is tough work!! Plus it’s my chance to get outside and suffer a bit, that CA sun isn’t as tough as NOVA humidity but it definitely was a surprise last year. Also, I’ve had some nasty patella tendentious since May so the Prowler is taking the place of a lot of other stuff I would otherwise have in the mix: high rep squats, running, BJ, and my favorite last year the Air Dyne. TWO-weeks, time to wrap up training and go have some FUN!!!

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