Sat and Sun July 13-14


Sanders, Myself, Uhle, Tim, and Pete Stramese at Competition Club

Every Saturday at 10:00 our competitors meet to train.
We pushed each other in the Offseason, Open Prep, Regional Prep, and now as they build their offseason strength they continue to push me for Games prep; THANKS GUYS!
A lot of regular peeps missing in this photo, so thanks to all who come in to motivate, inspire, and bond while slinging barbells!

FS x 5 every 3:00 x 4 sets
Record average load
(all 4 sets should be working sets)
No misses!
Results: 245# (81.6% of 1rm)
Was aggressive early then pulled back.
As many 1-5 unbroken hang squat clean ladders as you can in 10 min. (Do one then drop, 2 then drop, 3 then drop, 4 then drop, 5 then drop, start back at 1.
Result: 3 +6 at 175#
Paced because of strength. I had 1:30 left on the clock after 3 rounds, only got the 1,2,3 and could have hustled to get the 4’s. Was standing at the end so could have pushed a bit more but being conservative with that final beast mode push this close to the Games.

Aerobic recovery on the ERG.
:30 at 80%, :30 rest x 10, rest 3:00 x 2 (so 10:00 then 10:00)
easy pace, good sweat and breathing.
HOT YOGA: Power II 1:15
A well rounded challenge: shoulders, hamstrings and external rotators.
Felt freakin’ great (and got my butt-kicked!).

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