Mon, Tues, Wed, July 15-17, 2013


A Solid 3-days of training, felt really good about the efforts!
I’m in a good place mentally and physically.

Workout of the Day
30 Snatches (135m/95w)
40 Pistol Squats
50 Plate Burpees
Results: 7:03, GREAT Effort and test…TOUGH!
Paced out the snatch at 2:45-:50, unbroken Pistols at 1:35-:40, Plate burpees with pause for hip extension at top in 2:25-:30. An awesome pre-games push!!

1 hour later

The Prowler with Murphy and Grace.
Aerobic effort: 25yard light prowler push, 50yard shuttle run, 25yard light prowler push, 50yard shuttle run x 12.
It was HOT, good sweating and aerobic effort while feeling overheated.


Workout of the Day
5 Rds
5 Muscle Ups
15 Box Jumps
25 Wall Balls
Results: 12:44
Went for it, good effort. Took a pause here and there. UB MU, Plyo BJ with pause at top, did my best with WB, if I broke it was only for 2-3 breaths.
Aerobic breathing on the ERG
:30 at 85-90%, :30 rest x 8, rest 3:00 x 3 total rounds
First round was 85%, pushed to 95% on second round, backed off to 90% on 3rd
YOGA, 1:15 Ashtanga Yoga

Back Squat x 4
Every 3min x 4 Sets
Record average load, all sets working sets
Results: HBBS at 302.5 
295, 300, 305, 310
I’m a much better LBBSer but determined to improve my leg strength for Cleans!!
I felt SOLID and STRONG, Not huge #’s but good enough for now.
Every 60s x10
Odd: 2x Clean DL to Halting Position
EVEN: 1 Power Clean
Results: 225, 235, 245, 255, then a miss at a PR Power Clean attempt of 260. SO CLOSE! Pr sqcl is 270 so will use that if it comes up at The Games.
then 1.5 hours later
The Final Prowler?
With Murphy, Grace is outta town.
Aerobic effort: 25yard light prowler push, 50yard shuttle run, 25yard light prowler push x 16 intervals
95 degrees with 55% humidity…GOOD TIMES!!

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