Skilled, no longer prime time Crossfitter looking to ride the age train to the CrossFit Games!

Fitness is my passion, and it has been for thirty one years. At the age of fourteen, exercise intrigued me beyond mastering a basic level of competency. Even at that early age it struck me that if I could become stronger and faster and develop more endurance, then I would be able to play harder. Play being the operative word in the latter sentence. I do find exercise synonymous with fun. Of course, my definition of play may not be the same as others’, and even my own definition of it has changed over the years. I’ve moved from the kid on the playground scaling jungle gyms to a competitive athlete and a United States Marine, to my current roles as a coach, CrossFit competitor, husband, and the father of two amazing girls. As I passed through each stage, fitness has always enhanced my life, and it has been the key to my continued desire to push my potential for peak performance.

At 45 years old I am now a CrossFit Masters Competitor, this years training is about going for it once again. I am grateful for all the amazing people in my life, past and present, that have inspired and motivated me on a daily basis. I appreciate your positive energy, encouraging words, and faith.

This BLOG documents my journey.
This is my gig, I am 100% responsible.
In the end one thing is certain…

I WILL be prepared.



5 thoughts on “About

  1. I am following your blog because I read your last sentence…”I will be prepared”. I was hoping that you might have been able to make it to James’ athlete training camp in Phoenix a couple weeks ago. It was a good test, some useful info gained. I did not make the Master’s 55 – 60 top twenty this year (58th) but I did not have any program but my own to prepare. I am on with Mike Fitzgerald, and the program is a 14 month affair. Is your programming coming from James?

  2. Hi Jerry, Thank you for the great info here! I noticed you have a permanently bent or fused right arm. I was curious if you have noticed any problems in your training that is directly related to having a bent arm as opposed to 2 arms fully operational? I have a bent left arm also, have 2 plates and 12 screws, and am still having problems gaining mass in it to match my right arm. Any advice you have would be great as it looks like yours does not inhibit u much at all, although I am sure, like me, you’d like to know what you could do with 2 “normal” arms.

    Thank you very much for your help!

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