Tuesday June 25, 2013


Five men left on the face of Earth and there is a need to form a four man crew team.
I’d be odd man out.

Tuesday training:
A. 3 rounds of
15 c2b pull-ups
50 Double Under

Result: 4:36
Wheelhouse work but still good to train and burn through. Everything Unbroken with no rest till last set of HSPU: 8, 4, 3

1.5 hours later

B. Aerobic intervals. :30 erg at 80%-90%, :30 rest on erg x 8 intervals, rest 3:00, repeat two more times. So 8, 3, 8, 3, 8
Pace was 1:40-1:42 (148-151 meters per :30), good breathing and sweat.

C. Ashtanga Yoga, beginner x 1:15

A solid training day.

Monday June 24, 2013


It’s pretty simple right?
Ask More of Yourself.
YOU are capable of more.
You are also your own roadblock.
Get out of your own way.
Believe in yourself as much as you believe in others…and as much as others believe in you.
YOU ALONE are 100% responsible for YOU.
Ask more and you will find a way, you will devise a plan, YOU WILL NOT QUIT.
Ask more and tell others of your plan…bring in your friends, your teammates, they will rally with you and together you will all ask more of each other.
To DEMAND more of yourself, and to experience FULL EFFORT, that is victory my friends…that is how champions are made.

SUNDAY: 1:15 of Hot, Flow YOGA…no joke…TOUGH stuff…wish I started this 15 years ago.

A. Every 3:00 3 Power Snatch, 15 WB (went conservative at 135, 140, 145, 150, 155#)
–More rest than I needed but I wanted to train with team 0915 so stayed on their clock. First snatches in a while.

B. SPEED Squats
3 Back sq every :90, used a conservative 235#
–Knees are still cranky–

2 hours Later

HOT day, 90 degrees and 60% humidity.
12 KB Swing, 8 FAST Burpees, 25 yard push down and then back (added 25# a side so only 50# total).
About 1:00 of work. We took a set every 4:00. We did 3 sets, rested 9:00 then took another 3 sets.
6:00 of intervals…BRUTAL!!
Grace was point woman, Murphy followed, then me.
Felt very good about this effort.

Saturday June 22, 2013


Saturday training is usually reserved for squats then either Snatch or Clean, then some work. So a 3 part day with heavier volume. Saturdays is also competition club so I get to train with all of our competitors, needless to say my favorite day of the week! Since this weekend I’m coaching at team RWB functional fitness camp for Veterans I was going to miss my CFOT crew and get the training in SOLO on lunch break. A cool thing happen though. Derick comes up to me and says all the coaches want to train at lunch! On Friday I pulled two other coaches in to train, today everyone wanted to train, AWESOME! He suggested a WOD and it was nothing that I had planned on (I was going heavy BS then Cleans EMOM), he had an 8:00 ladder up with HSPU, PRESS and Toes to bar…screw it, I wanted in with EVERYONE so told him I would sub out PRESS with cleans. They changed the WOD for me and everyone did cleans, HECK YA!! I parked my barbell right next to Derick who is an adaptive athlete with a prosthetic leg and an upperbody like a silverback gorilla…this was going to be FUN and MOTIVATING!!

WOD: 8:00 Ladder up
1 HSPU, 1 Power clean (185#), 1 T2b, 2,2,2…how high can you get in 8:00?
I finished with 8 full rounds plus 9 HSPU plus 2 cleans so 8 +11, a great effort at about 90-95%. I was still standing at the end and felt good for a solid pace at another couple of minutes…so I could have pushed the gas a bit more during the rounds of 7 and 8. This WOD came down to hammering the cleans. I went TnG up to 4 then 3,2 then 3,3, then 2, 2, 1, 2 then 2, 1,1,1,1,1,1. Then 1,1 in last few seconds. Good training and a whole bunch of Inspiration!!

Friday June 21, 2013


Today and all weekend I’m coaching at Team RWB Veterans Functional Fitness Camp at Crossfit Rubicon.
Perhaps more on this later, long day, back at it tomorrow.

I got some training in on our Lunch Break.
20 Minute AMRAP
10 Push Press at 115#
10 pullups
10 KB swing at 53#

My normally tough as nails hands have 5 blisters and one torn callous. My knees (patella’s) are cranky as HECK. My left shoulder is still tweaked from Regionals, my right elbow is SHIT.
Did I mention that a good portion of attendees at the Camp are adaptive athletes with missing limbs or other lifelong injuries?
STFU Jerry and train…

13 +2reps, could have been 14 +2, we all lost track!
Last 10:00 was definitely 6 +2 and slower than the first 10:00 but we weren’t sure if the first 10:00 was 7 or 8 rounds.
GREAT TRAINING!! Grip was NASTY!! Lots of sweat, plus the busted up hands.
I love it!!

Thursday June 20, 2013


I love K-Starr and what he’s done to raise the education level of CrossFitters. Position, position, position! If we have issues getting into position, drilling a CrossFit movement alone won’t get the job done; we need MOBILITY! Last year I spent 20-30 minutes five days a week mobilizing my issues. While I felt like it was good WOD prep it never made a big impact on the structural changes I needed. I still use K-Starr’s mobility movements as part of my warm-up but this year I added Yoga to help strengthen stabilizers and increase my range of motion. It has been wonderful and find it to be worthwhile practice. I certainly don’t fit the Yogi mold and won’t be featured on the cover of a Yoga magazine but I feel as young as my joints are healthy OR as old as my joints are cranky!! So Yoga it is; two-three times a week.

A. Flow Yoga, Hot x 1 hour and 15 minutes

2 hours later

B. Aerobic recovery.  :30 erg at 80% (1:43 pace), :30 rest on erg x 8 intervals, rest 3:00, repeat two more times. So 8, 3, 8, 3, 8

I’m coaching a camp full of adaptive athletes/Vets with team RWB this weekend. Should be AWESOME!! I’ll sneak some training in during lunch break on Friday and Saturday.

Wednesday June 19, 2013


I’m a fan first.
It’s taken me a bit to understand what truly motivates me about sport.

  • I like rooting for others (probably why I like coaching).
  • I like being part of a team (others effort inspires me to reach deeper).
  • I like having FUN (take this shit too serious and it’s no fun).

Amazingly last years CrossFit Games was the FIRST EVER CrossFit competition I competed in SOLO.
This year will only be the SECOND time I’ve competed as an individual. So both times on the big stage. Shit, I should have entered some comps this year hey? NAH, I’m not sure I even enjoy competing as an individual, crazy right? Let me tell ya what I’ve learned; last year I was way to focused on performing well, put silly pressure on myself. This year I truly can’t wait to enjoy the experience of competing with my fellow athletes. I can’t wait to go root them on! I look forward to watching their efforts and soaking in that inspiration! I can’t wait to go have some FUN!

In case ya haven’t noticed, I grew some chops…the chops are a reminder to have fun and be myself.


Do my Chops look like John Quincy Adams or HellBoy?IMG_4019

Oh and one more thing; this STUFF is way more FUN when you show up in shape.
5-weeks out.

Well the problem with blogging your training is if you have an effort you’re not happy with ya still gotta write it down!

A. 30 sqcl at 205#
-result; all singles in 8:46-
I paced through the whole thing and never got fired up or treated it as a tester. Last week I got 2 TnG x 15 at 205# in 10:00 so maybe I paced out to only beat that but still, not a killer effort. My first 14 reps were in 4:00, thats :17 a rep, my final pace was :17.5 sec a rep so started to slow/paced too much. Oh well…it’s all training!

B. 9 TnG DL every 2:00 at 255# x 4 sets
Up from 225# last week. Goal here is to build over the next few weeks. Had great speed and strength.

2 hours later

Aerobic intervals with the Prowler: Light load, high turnover. 25 yard push, 50 yard jog, 25 yard push. 20:00 of work, Murphy goes, I go (took about :30-:40 a person) so we might have got 16+ round each. Good Aerobic breathing and effort.

TUESDAY June 18th

Event 7 Regionals

The Girlz and I after event 7, Mid-Atlantic Regionals!!

5-weeks out


Workout of the Day
Max Unbroken Chest-2-Bar pull-ups (don’t deadhang to singles, make them rhythmic and UB)
rest 2:00
Max UB HSPU (again, no unatural pauses)
3 Sets

C2B 32, 26, 23      Strict HSPU: 27, 20, 15 (I need to work the kip)

3 rounds:
10 burpee-box jump (20″)
50 Double Unders

3:16 (3 uncharacteristic trip-ups on DU cost a sub 3:00)

2 hours later….

:30 erg at 82-90%, :30 rest x 5 rounds, walk/active rest 3:00 x 3 sets

151, 150, 151, 150, 151 (OK breathing) then 152, 151, 152, 152, 151 (felt awesome!) then 152, 150, 151, 151, 149 (ran outta steam, last 2 efforts were tougher than 90%)

Monday June 17th


5-weeks out.

A. Front Squat build to a heavy single in 10:00
–went 135, 165, 195, 225, 245, 265, 285, 290–
PR is 305 so 290 felt heavy but good.

Every 2:00 x 5 sets
B. 5 fast FS at 185# then 15 Fast WB
–not brutal, good speed–

Every 2:00
C. 3 clean&Jerk at 185# then 12 fast WB
–not brutal, good speed–

Rest 2 hours

Every 4:00 x 4sets
12 KB swing, 8 fast burpee, 60 yard prowler push (30 down, 30 back)
–Effort was 1:02-1:04–
–rest 7:00–
60 yard prowler push x 2 (2:00 rest)

Mon-SAT July 30-Aug 4

SAT AUG 4th:
4,000 row, rest 5min, 4,000 row more mental than breathing. 16:14.8 and 16:35

Later in Morning:
A. EMOMx 10min Back squat x 2 with chains at 60%. No misses ALL speed!
—235# can bump to 245/255—
B. Clean work, stayed light
C.Partner WORK, In 8 minutes: Max KB swing (53w, 70m)
D Partner WORK, In 8 minutes: Max UB double unders (must switch after each miss)

FRI Aug 3rd

10 rounds: 200m run plus
2 rounds of 6 strict pullup, 9 deficit pushups, 12 air sq
–So actually 20 rounds of the bdwt stuff, 10 rounds of 200m run—

8x250m ROW with 1:30 rest. Splits were :48.9-:49.7

4min AMRAP Squat Clean at 200#
6 min rest
4min AMRAP Squat Clean at 185#

TUES July 31

100 ring rows and 100 ring pushups

MON July 30
CFE 3 X 800m RUN w/ 3 min rest btwn, hold each effort within 3-5 seconds of others
Warmed up with 5x200m run and mobility between each. Didn’t want to push hammy so hit the ERG at 3:49.6, 3:49.6, 3:49.5 pretty easy pace

3 Back Squat
Every 2min x 5 sets
Record average load
A. Ave 305# (265,285,305,325,345) was tempted to go 365 but first time heavy in BS for a while. Good stuff.

B. 4 Sets
15 UB dimel deadlift.
Use speed and hamstrings. Don’t get caught up in weight, build hamstring strength! Start at 40% deadlift max and adjust weight from there.
rest the amount of time it takes partner to go then…
Max unbroken WB.
Dimel’s at 145# Well below 40% but Hammy held up!/ subed Jumping lunge for wallball, that is going to hurt!

Tues-Fri July 24-27


Early AM
5 Intervals, 2min rest
10 Strict Pullups, 20 deficit pushups, 20calories Airdyne

A.EMOMx 10min Front squat x 2 with chains at 60% (185#). No misses ALL speed!
—can bump this weight next time or move to triples and 7min—

B. EMOM x 10min
3 Touch-and-Go snatch (from HANG)
Felt cranky and slow so was conservative

C. 5 rounds:
15 KB Swing (70#)
50 Double Under
15 Toe-2-Bar
4:59 Unbroken, no chalk breaks


Early AM:

CFE: 3 x 1,000m row with 4min rest.
Pressed for time, no running warmup today. Treated first 2 intervals as ramp up and hit 3rd the hardest. Not Rxed or ideal but got some work in. 3:49.6, 3:45.7, 3:40.7

A: EMOMx 10
3 Touch-and-Go Cleans (From Hang)

B: 42, 30, 18 Wallball and 21-15-9 Lateral Burpees


5 rounds: 15 t2b, 15 hip extension
Clubbell work

8 min of quality HS walk practice. Covered about 140′ but worked on position verse distance.

21 Chest-2-Bar Pullups
50 Double Under
15 Chest-2-Bar Pullups
50 Double Under
9 Chest-2-Bar Pullups
50 Double Under

3:03, not an easy WOD.