Saturday, June 29, 2013

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My Girlz came home from a week long sleepover camp tonight! They wanted to make sure I’ve still been training and put me through a short circuit. 5 pull-ups, 5 box jumps (on bed), 5 push-ups, 5 presses each arm with our 10# mini-poodle Lucky, 15 sit-ups, 2 stair sprints, 2 cartwheels. All this after a huge NY strip steak. Lets hope this doesn’t come up as a chipper at The Games!

A. Front Squat x 3
Results: 275#, tough effort, 3rd rep was a true grinder.

B. In 1:00
3 TNG clean
AMRAP bar over burpees in remaining time
rest 2:00 x 5 sets.
Build heavy on clean but keep movement and speed.
Results: 195/23, 200/22, 205/21, 210/20, 215/20
Average 3 rep TnG clean at 205#, total burpee at 106 reps
Great training!! 23 reps was fast with no breathers other efforts had a pause here and there.

Active recovery, easy 24min aerobic breathing on ERG.
1 hour of Hot Yoga, got my BUTT-KICKED!
Very humbling.

Friday, June 28, 2013

“Specific physical preparation means have to
develop above all the capacity of the body to
provide energy for effective specific muscular work”

– Dr.  Yuri Verkhoshansky


At this stage of my training (24 days out) I should be doing more CrossFit testers (or at least traditionally would be). The Games will be some brutal WODs and nothing can prep you better then training those tough CrossFit couplets, triplets and chippers. My goal over these last 5-weeks was to hit 3 solid testers a week. It’s been more like 1-2 but thats OK by me. I’ve got some aches and pains so I’m doing a bit more “training” (where I feel more in control) instead of hardcore “testing” (where I tend to attack with reckless abandon). My end goal being show up to the Games healthy, confident, and strong. Unfortunately with those aches and pains I’ll have some holes…but my conditioning, strength, and skill should be solid and maybe even prevail!

Aerobic intervals on C2. :30 erg at 80%-90%, :30 rest on erg x 8 intervals, rest 3:00, repeat two more times. So 8, 3, 8, 3, 8. Pace was 1:40-1:42 (148-151 meters per :30), good breathing and sweat.

No Yoga, slept in! Then in the afternoon went to the ballgame with some friends. A solid grounding day.

Every 2:30 x 8 (4 sets each): ODD max UB pullups (don’t game the pullups, go for a PR and all out each set) and EVEN max UB Push jerk (185#)

Last time we hit training like this I Pred my pullups at 60! I didn’t have it today, I busted up my hands last Thursday and have made them worse every day since. Still, I hit some good volume on the pullups. The push jerk was a bit too heavy with the added bicep pump from pullups but still fun. Results: Pullup: 43, 33, 27, 27 PJ: 8, 7, 5, 7

3 hours later

The Prowler:
Every 4:00 a 30 yard push, used a heavier weight at 180#. We (Murphy, Grace, and I) performed 6 sets. It was tough but more from a strength standpoint verse breathing. Great training!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Slow getting started, (energy/speed/fire), doesn’t help that I have been “winging Wednesdays”, at least the first part. After a slow warmup I settled on:

A. Squat cleans at 205# one every :15 x 10, rest 3:00 x 3 total sets.
Results: I did it, 30 total reps at 205#
I’ve been hammering 205# for the last 3-weeks, tough weight for me in the squat clean as it quickly becomes a combined issue of breathing and strength. I think I’ll play with 185# next week.

B. 9 TnG deadlifts every 2:00 x 4 sets
Results: this is the 3rd week of tng DL as well. First week was 225, last week 255, this week 275. Simply attempting to stay healthy, strong, and confident before The Games!

2 hours later…

C. The Prowler, Aerobic intervals Light load (20#), high turnover. 25 yard push, 50 yard run/jog, 25 yard push. 20:20 of work, Murphy goes, I go (took about :30-:40 a person). We got 17 rounds, first 8 in 9:00, so we went out fast and hung on. Good Aerobic breathing and effort plus dealing with overheating the last 6 minutes. IT was HOT!! About 90 degrees and 70% humidity. Lost a lot of water, kept sweating for an hour after.


Tuesday June 25, 2013


Five men left on the face of Earth and there is a need to form a four man crew team.
I’d be odd man out.

Tuesday training:
A. 3 rounds of
15 c2b pull-ups
50 Double Under

Result: 4:36
Wheelhouse work but still good to train and burn through. Everything Unbroken with no rest till last set of HSPU: 8, 4, 3

1.5 hours later

B. Aerobic intervals. :30 erg at 80%-90%, :30 rest on erg x 8 intervals, rest 3:00, repeat two more times. So 8, 3, 8, 3, 8
Pace was 1:40-1:42 (148-151 meters per :30), good breathing and sweat.

C. Ashtanga Yoga, beginner x 1:15

A solid training day.

Monday June 24, 2013


It’s pretty simple right?
Ask More of Yourself.
YOU are capable of more.
You are also your own roadblock.
Get out of your own way.
Believe in yourself as much as you believe in others…and as much as others believe in you.
YOU ALONE are 100% responsible for YOU.
Ask more and you will find a way, you will devise a plan, YOU WILL NOT QUIT.
Ask more and tell others of your plan…bring in your friends, your teammates, they will rally with you and together you will all ask more of each other.
To DEMAND more of yourself, and to experience FULL EFFORT, that is victory my friends…that is how champions are made.

SUNDAY: 1:15 of Hot, Flow YOGA…no joke…TOUGH stuff…wish I started this 15 years ago.

A. Every 3:00 3 Power Snatch, 15 WB (went conservative at 135, 140, 145, 150, 155#)
–More rest than I needed but I wanted to train with team 0915 so stayed on their clock. First snatches in a while.

B. SPEED Squats
3 Back sq every :90, used a conservative 235#
–Knees are still cranky–

2 hours Later

HOT day, 90 degrees and 60% humidity.
12 KB Swing, 8 FAST Burpees, 25 yard push down and then back (added 25# a side so only 50# total).
About 1:00 of work. We took a set every 4:00. We did 3 sets, rested 9:00 then took another 3 sets.
6:00 of intervals…BRUTAL!!
Grace was point woman, Murphy followed, then me.
Felt very good about this effort.

Saturday June 22, 2013


Saturday training is usually reserved for squats then either Snatch or Clean, then some work. So a 3 part day with heavier volume. Saturdays is also competition club so I get to train with all of our competitors, needless to say my favorite day of the week! Since this weekend I’m coaching at team RWB functional fitness camp for Veterans I was going to miss my CFOT crew and get the training in SOLO on lunch break. A cool thing happen though. Derick comes up to me and says all the coaches want to train at lunch! On Friday I pulled two other coaches in to train, today everyone wanted to train, AWESOME! He suggested a WOD and it was nothing that I had planned on (I was going heavy BS then Cleans EMOM), he had an 8:00 ladder up with HSPU, PRESS and Toes to bar…screw it, I wanted in with EVERYONE so told him I would sub out PRESS with cleans. They changed the WOD for me and everyone did cleans, HECK YA!! I parked my barbell right next to Derick who is an adaptive athlete with a prosthetic leg and an upperbody like a silverback gorilla…this was going to be FUN and MOTIVATING!!

WOD: 8:00 Ladder up
1 HSPU, 1 Power clean (185#), 1 T2b, 2,2,2…how high can you get in 8:00?
I finished with 8 full rounds plus 9 HSPU plus 2 cleans so 8 +11, a great effort at about 90-95%. I was still standing at the end and felt good for a solid pace at another couple of minutes…so I could have pushed the gas a bit more during the rounds of 7 and 8. This WOD came down to hammering the cleans. I went TnG up to 4 then 3,2 then 3,3, then 2, 2, 1, 2 then 2, 1,1,1,1,1,1. Then 1,1 in last few seconds. Good training and a whole bunch of Inspiration!!

Friday June 21, 2013


Today and all weekend I’m coaching at Team RWB Veterans Functional Fitness Camp at Crossfit Rubicon.
Perhaps more on this later, long day, back at it tomorrow.

I got some training in on our Lunch Break.
20 Minute AMRAP
10 Push Press at 115#
10 pullups
10 KB swing at 53#

My normally tough as nails hands have 5 blisters and one torn callous. My knees (patella’s) are cranky as HECK. My left shoulder is still tweaked from Regionals, my right elbow is SHIT.
Did I mention that a good portion of attendees at the Camp are adaptive athletes with missing limbs or other lifelong injuries?
STFU Jerry and train…

13 +2reps, could have been 14 +2, we all lost track!
Last 10:00 was definitely 6 +2 and slower than the first 10:00 but we weren’t sure if the first 10:00 was 7 or 8 rounds.
GREAT TRAINING!! Grip was NASTY!! Lots of sweat, plus the busted up hands.
I love it!!